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Specification (220V, 50Hz)
◆ Max. power: 60 W
◆ Max. current:0.3 A
◆ Max. vacuum: -630 mmHg
◆ Max. flow rate: 20 l/min
◆ Moisture Trap: Yes
◆ Vacuum Regulator: Yes
◆ Overflow protection:No
◆ Motor rotation: 1450 RPM
◆ Horse power: 1/8 HP
◆ Noise level: 50.0 dB
◆ Port thread: 5/16 inch (8 mm)
◆ Net weight: 4.1 kg
◆ Dimension (LxWxH):21.5x13.5x20.4 cm

Features :

No air pollution, maintenance free
Rocker 300C vacuum pumps are driven by diaphragm, without the need of
lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance with no oil pollution.

Good chemical resistance
The diaphragm chamber of Rocker 300C coated with PTFE and the SS # 316
valve plate can offer good resistance to a wide range of corrosive gases.

Thermal protection device
Every motor of Rocker series pumps has a built-in thermal protection device
to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and then resume working
when the temperature cools down.

International safety certication :
◆ CE certification

Applications :

◆ Vacuum filtration
◆ Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE)
◆ Solvent purication

Ordering Information :

◆ 189300-11(22)
Rocker 300C, PTFE Coated Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump
AC110V, 60Hz (AC220V, 50Hz)





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